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By Dave Michels

Speaker, author, founder of TalkingPointz. I'm a video, voice, messaging protagonist. I publish the TalkingPointz Insider Report. @NoJitter

Speaker, author, founder of TalkingPointz. I'm a video, voice, messaging protagonist. I publish the TalkingPointz Insider Report. @NoJitter

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Welcome to the Apocalypse | TalkingPointz Insider Lite

The Insider Report for December requires a paid subscription. Contains all the enterprise comms news and opinions that matter each month. Link to December Report. Here's two excerpts:AWS 5G: One of the bigger surprises from the AWS Re:Invent conference was th…


2022 Will Be Better| Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

I think we are all feeling like Truman. Ready to take on the most powerful forces to escape this. If 2020 was about adaptation, 2021 was about perseverance - at least for those that did.It's been a tough year. The Great Resignation isn't much of a mystery con…


(Ad)Ventures in UCC | Insider Lite | TalkingPointz -

TalkingPointz doesn't have a venture fund (yet). Until then, I have the Innovation Showcase. It is now open to applicants EC22. This is a great opportunity for the established CCaaS providers (not eligible) to highlight members of their ecosystem. The theme i…


Premises-based: "I'm not dead yet!" Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

Insider Reports are available to paid subscribers. Here's an excerpt from the October Insider Report. Facebook Finally Giving Us Something to Talk About: It was a really bad month for Facebook. On Oct. 5, Frances Haugen, whistleblower and former employee, wen…


Magical Time of the Year! Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

From the September Insider Report:AppStore Suit: The court ordered Apple to let US developers bypass the App Store’s in-app payments with links or directions to “purchasing mechanisms” outside of the platform. Though a blow to Apple, neither Apple nor Epic go…


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

The September Insider Report features these companies:


#Dreamforce: Slack joins the Ohana | Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

The insider Report goes to paid subscribers the first week of every month. Here's Zoom's Settlement from the August 2021 report.


Let's talk about the eWhiteboard in the Room | Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

The insider report goes to paid subscribers the first week of every month. Here are the GoodReads from August 2021. Big tech companies are at war with employees over remote work Telstra makes public payphone calls free Australia-wide Big Tech call center work…


Why Install Teams? Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

Insider Reports are published the first week of every month to paid subscribers. They are typically about 10 skimmable pages long and contain all you need to know about UCC on a month by month basis.


Break-up Jana Partners | Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

The full August Insider Report just went out yesterday to paid subscribers. Here's the companies that interesting UCC news last month.


CCaaS 2021: The Giants are Coming - Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

The August episodes got crunched.


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #9

There's a burning issue to address, and it's why we need to continue working from home.


Talkdesk Has 10B things to Talk About! Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

This is content from the July Insider Report. Consider purchasing a subscription. 5G Software: When President Trump was at war with Huawei, the US put a lot of pressure on allies to avoid network hardware from Chinese companies. If only there were an American…


Is async video an oxymoron? Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

Teams 250M: Microsoft CEO Nadella reported some impressive Q4 results. The company increased revenue 21% YoY to $46.2B, and Operating Income was up 42% to $19.1B. He also revealed Microsoft Teams is at “nearly 250M monthly active users [MAU] as people use Tea…


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #6

The Insider Report is paid, monthly report published the first week of every month. These stories appeared in the June Insider Report, published earlier this month. Antitrust Bills: The House Judiciary introduced five new antitrust bills this month. It is unl…


Insider Lite | The Biggest CC Deal Ever

The paid Insider subscription includes a monthly what-you-need-to-know overview of industry news. I include at least one item from the last Insider Report in each free newsletter.IDC Becomes Blackstone: Oriental Rainbow LLC, a subsidiary of China Oceanwide Ho…


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #4

The Insider Report is a paid subscription. Each month it includes some recommended "GoodReads" from the month. Here's the Recommendations from June. Work looks nothing like it did two years ago. Slack’s new emojis prove itWalmart Giving Phones to Employees to…


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #3

Insider Reports require a paid subscription, but I will drop some content into the free report too.


Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #2

Here is my thought of the day.


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