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#Dreamforce: Slack joins the Ohana | Insider Lite | TalkingPointz

Last week was Dreamforce! I do love me a Marc Benioff keynote. This year his theme was trust, and the need to restore the damage that Facebook has done to us all.
I like Benioff and Salesforce. Dreamforce is a bit cult-ish. Not a fan of the Ohana nonsense, the cartoon characters, or the relentless worship of a CRM. But I respect the passion they have created and find my self nodding in agreement throughout the keynotes.
Dreamforce21 was the first to include Slack, and it even played a central role. Though a lot of it was Slack’s Greatest Hits as the Salesforce crowd has some catching up to do. Nutshell: Trust is built with direct communications to partners and customers over Slack Connect. Slack is now dubbed a system of engagement. It’s a CCaaS vision without the PSTN.
Marc also revised his virtual office pitch. Previously he explained he didn’t need an office in his enormous, erect tower because everything he needed was on his smartphone. Evidently, he doesn’t need a tower either any more because Slack is the new “Digital HQ.” Customer 360 and Slack is all anyone really needs.
What is a Digital HQ? Marc delegated that to Bret, who delegated it to Stewart, who (with assistance from Tamara) explained it. I will cover this more separately, but it’s good. It’s alignment via effective communications. The word “hybrid” didn’t come up once (refreshing). Forget about that $1.1B tower, Slack was $27B, so let’s go digital.

From the Last Insider Report
The insider Report goes to paid subscribers the first week of every month. Here’s Zoom’s Settlement from the August 2021 report.
Zoom agreed to pay up to $85M in a ridiculous lawsuit. This goes back to when COVID-19 closures were starting in the US, and Zoom was accused of enabling Zoombombing, misrepresenting E2EE, and inappropriately sharing user information with other providers. Let’s review.  
Zoombombing was problematic on every platform. The pandemic created an environment where this unknown vulnerability became known. Every meeting provider changed its default settings and improved its moderator controls. Simultaneously, users became more cautious about posting meeting details. Zoombombing is a negative term that somehow managed to benefit Zoom. 
I don’t recall if/how Zoom misrepresented E2EE. If they did, then an FTC fine is appropriate. But let’s be honest — the vast majority of enterprise solutions do not have E2EE, and most employers and employees don’t care. The sharing of details with the likes of Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn was IMO the most serious of these accusations. Zoom was indeed sharing information without user consent or knowledge and has since stopped. 
Despite the legitimacy of these claims, the lawsuit/settlement wasn’t about them. The lawsuit was about lawyers going for Zoom’s fattening wallet. The $85M penalty will pay some users a maximum of $25 in damages. The class-action lawyers will collect fees up to $21.25M plus $200K in expenses. This is what happens when your stock goes up (or down) quickly. 
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Sheila McGee-Smith
As a #contactcenter analyst, this is a thought-provoking @Dreamforce slide. For years, #CCaaS vendors have sought to relegate #CRM to a system of RECORD. @salesforce seeks to change that now. @SlackHQ #salesforceAR @TYehoshua
Dave Michels
[email protected]Zoom just reported a billion dollar quarter. It is enabling meetings, calls, chat, and education for millions. Evidently that's not a security threat. So why is ZM expanding into CCaaS (#CX #chatbots and #MOH) a national security concern?
Dave Michels
Facebook Portal support for Microsoft Teams coming December 2021: Today Facebook announced the Portal Go, a battery-powered 10-inch portal smart screen as well as a new version of the Portal+, with a  14-inch tiltable display However, most interesting…
This is big! We have now surpassed 100,000 users of 8x8 Voice for #MicrosoftTeams. Notes @DaveMichels, “As organizations increase their usage of Microsoft Teams, 8x8 is delivering differentiated capabilities.” Read about them here: #CX #EX @msPartner
Dave Michels
AT&T Quickly Ditches Pledge Not To Fund Congressional Insurrectionists: Much like the company's dedication to women, AT&T's dedication to not funding people eager to overthrow democracy appears to be somewhere between inconsistent and nonexistent.…
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