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I write a lot about how we are always connected. From a work/employee perspective, the usual topics are work-life balance, burnout, the increasingly blurry concept of business hours, and of course work-from-anywhere.
For the most part, the cloud and wireless technologies have been a great liberator. I love that I can be online on a plane or a chairlift. Hotel Internet service has become more critical than traditional amenities including linen quality, in-room phones, HBO, and on-site dining.
While there’s lots of benefits to being always connected, there’s also tremendous risks - and lots of victims. Data breaches (hacks) are way too frequent. Ransomware attacks are a pesky evolution of data hacks - instead of selling the data to others, sell it to the rightful owner.
The ransomware attack at Lincoln College was the straw that broke its back. The university was already crippled by COVID, so opted to permanently close after a ransom attack disrupted its recruitment and fundraising.
Facebook is discontinuing several services that tracked your real-time location — including Nearby Friends, weather alerts, location history, and background location. Evidently, people are becoming suspicious of tracking - sort of. Everybody wants a glucose monitor.
John Deere’s connected tractors have been at the center of lots of right-to-repair debates. Russian troops stole $5M of John Deere equipment from a Melitopol dealer in Ukraine. An organized heist that shipped the gear by military train to Chechnya. Oops, all of it was remotely disabled.
I figure it won’t be long until our own cars report us for bad driving. Insurance companies are already offering discounts for detailed probes in the car. It can’t be much further until “Save 30% for a car that self-issues speeding tickets.”

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Most Trustworthy Companies: Newsweek and Statista presented their first annual ranking of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies. It looked at publicly traded corporations with +$500M in annual revenue. Rankings were obtained via surveys of 50K US residents. The survey asked which companies treat their customers fairly, treat their employees fairly, and would be good long-term investments. The result was a list of 400 companies in 22 industries. Within the Software and Communications industry, there were 30 companies, including Microsoft, 6; Slack, 12; RingCentral, 13; Lumen, 14; Vonage, 24; and Cincinnati Bell, 28.
Q1 Buybacks are In: If you haven’t noticed, a lot of valuations have dropped, and there are some bargains out there. At least that’s what I’m told. I keep seeing these bargains becoming better bargains. Of course, no one’s baby is ugly, so lots of corporations are buying back their own stock. Low stock prices plus plenty of cash on hand equals stock buybacks.
Amazon bought back $2.66B shares last quarter. Twitter bought $2.1B of its own stock (good move). Apple purchased $22.6B of its stock, Microsoft repurchased $8.8B, Meta bought $9.5B of its stock, and Alphabet snagged $13.3B of its shares.  
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