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Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #4

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From NoJitter and others
Dialpad Closes Meetings Gap | No Jitter
Zoom Adds Voice Feature, More Controls to Rooms Service | No Jitter
Microsoft is giving employees a $1,500 pandemic bonus - The Verge
From the June Insider Report
Real-Time, Recorded
We are half way thru 2021 - ZK and I discuss what we can still expect this year.
Real Time Recorded, Week 27 2021
Real Time Recorded, Week 27 2021
Tweets and Retweets
Jeffrey Rodman
When I was a kid, frequency was measured in cycles per second, or cps. Then for no reason, some do-gooder replaced it with the name of this guy Heinrich Hertz, so we now endure Hz, KHz, MHz, THz. With luck, he won't turn out to have been a child abuser or vegan.
Dave Michels
Really excited about @CiscoCollab working with @mural I do love the #Webex Board - and there is a place for it - but it's not ideal for distributed teams and #WFH. You need a virtual solution like Mural. I use it for #MindMaps and other visual collab
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Dave Michels

Speaker, author, founder of TalkingPointz. I'm a video, voice, messaging protagonist. I publish the TalkingPointz Insider Report. @NoJitter

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