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Insider Lite | TalkingPointz - Issue #6

The story of the month is Zoom and Five9. There’s so much to say on this topic. I keep thinking I’ve said it, but then there’s more. For a deep dive check out the TalkingPointz Research Note. For a conversational approach, check out the Real-Time, Recorded video (below). What the conversations that continue, check out the July Insider Report that publishes next week.
Is the Pandemic Over? I’ve been traveling again, eating out, and basically not wearing a mask. Unfortunately, those fun times may be coming to an end. Businesses are delaying, even revising, back to the office plans as cases increase.
Regardless if the pandemic was human created, it’s certainly human prolonged. This is one of those Darwin moments. Either the people refusing to get the vaccine are going to die-off, or the people that got it will. Stay tuned.
It’s odd because we’ve been talking about “post-pandemic” for some time now. Should my future of work topics use the term “post-post pandemic” or “post-pandemic 2”?
Actually, post-pandemic may be a mirage. There’s no indication the pandemic will ever end. But we can look forward to more variants, and likely more vaccinations. Oh, more vaccine resistance too.
That gives the UCC industry more time to get its story straight. I don’t think touchless meeting interfaces are compelling. Clearly, remote and distributed work are here to stay, but it’s more of a behavioral challenge than a tech issue now. One company is leading in this regard, and I highlight it in the July Insider Report (next week).

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From the June Insider Report
The Insider Report is paid, monthly report published the first week of every month. These stories appeared in the June Insider Report, published earlier this month.
Antitrust Bills: The House Judiciary introduced five new antitrust bills this month. It is unlikely Congress will pass any of them, at least as proposed. There’s a bill that bans “self-preferencing” (when a company-run marketplace favors its own products over competitive options), one that limits acquisitions, an anti-walled-garden bill, FTC enforcement funding, and the intriguing bill called the ACCESS Act.  
ACCESS forces interoperability on the biggest tech platforms. Very large companies will be required to offer an API that allows users to take their data to a rival service. APIs are great, but they also represent a new form of risk as a way hackers (and other providers) can steal personal information. The bill addresses security practices and a “circuit-breaker” feature that allows providers to temporarily shut off the API should a threat emerge. 
Google Workspace for All: Workspace apps are now free for all Gmail users. It’s a bit confusing because Workspace Apps were free before. The announcement should have been that Google is retiring Hangouts (like it announced two years ago) and replacing it with Meet and Chat. 
There were some other announcements regarding Meet and Chat that I will cover below, but what’s really important is that Workspace is replicating Teams by upgrading separate services. Instead of a big new app like Teams, Google has no actual desktop client. Instead, it’s a series of web apps that include chat, meetings, and productivity apps — all tightly integrated with calendar and email. 
The web UI means all desktops have the exact same web client without any downloaded software. I like the model, but Google is a few years behind in many ways. Google Meet, for example, just got virtual backgrounds. Google has been steadily upgrading the Workspace suite — except telephony. Workspace customers might want to turn to Dialpad, RingCentral, or another integrated partner for telephony, but that creates overlaps as most UCaaS providers offer messaging and meetings. 
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Real-Time, Recorded
Real Time Recorded, Week 29 2021 Zoom and Five9
Real Time Recorded, Week 29 2021 Zoom and Five9
Tweets and ReTweets
Edward Snowden
If you want to see Microsoft have a heart attack, talk about defining legal liability for bad code in a commercial product. To give Facebook nightmares, talk about making it legally liable for leaks of their unnecessarily collected personal records.
Dave Michels
I am heads down on the July Insider Report for subscribers. Diving into the Microsoft's supposed close to 80 million monthly active Teams Phone users.
Dave Michels
When I talk about RCS, I get pushback it's not needed. We already have iMessage. >> iMessage played a role in 13 of the 23 successful infiltrations of iPhones. IMessage was the mode of attack in 6 of 11 failed attempts Amnesty’s Security Lab identified
Dave Michels
Where Is Biden's Permanent FCC Boss?: The Biden administration still hasn’t appointed a permanent leader of the nation’s top telecom regulator, worrying consumer advocates who say the delay will likely prove costly for U.S. consumers. Under the law,…
Dave Michels
Ars Technica: Ajit Pai apparently mismanaged $9 billion fund—new FCC boss starts “cleanup”.
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