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So much for a weekly newsletter. It’s been about three week since the last Insider Lite. The full Insider Reports have been on schedule (monthly) and a deep dive on Vonage is coming.
This past week I’ve been in Portugal. A great place year-round, but especially in November as Boulder gets its first frost of the season.
Still coming this month are Slack Frontiers and AWS Re:Invent.
There’s so much content below, so I will keep this intro short.

From No Jitter and Other Sites
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From the Last Insider Report
Insider Reports are available to paid subscribers. Here’s an excerpt from the October Insider Report.
Facebook Finally Giving Us Something to Talk About: It was a really bad month for Facebook. On Oct. 5, Frances Haugen, whistleblower and former employee, went public on a “60 Minutes” interview, and things got worse from there. I’ve never seen so much negative press about Facebook. 
The Facebook Papers have been revealing. NBC News shared how conservatives get pushed to QAnon. The NYTimes wrote about how Facebook employees sounded the alarm about election misinformation, but the company ignored it. I might suggest its summer PR battle with beloved Apple didn’t help either. The issues are not limited to the US. For example, the documents show similar problems in India — Facebook’s biggest market. 
There’s a powerful report/podcast of Kara Swisher interviewing Nobel Prize laureate Maria Ressa where they discuss the dangerous results of social media and Facebook. It’s easier to see the abuses and misinformation in the context of a different country. 
This is a complex issue because it doesn’t appear Facebook has violated any laws. The laws were written before Facebook existed, and need some revisions. The problem is solving problems requires a shared reality, which Facebook both denies and profits from doing so. 
Near the end of October, Zuckerberg managed to change the topic. Forget Facebook; that’s old tech — look at what’s coming (it looks the same as what was coming a decade ago). Some are debating if Meta is a continuation of Facebook’s mission (to connect people) or a pivot. It’s neither: It’s a distraction. 
The metaverse doesn’t exist, and there’s no indication it’s even desired. It’s interesting for dystopian science fiction (“The Matrix,” “Ready Player One,” “Avatar,” and “The Lawnmower Man”). It is fascinating conceptually, but it’s decades ahead of schedule. Meanwhile, there’s a dumpster fire that needs attention. Note, nothing has changed since Jan. 6. Though I do like the Meta logo — it reminds me of both Webex and Mitel. 
All that said, I do believe metaverses are coming. The metaverse is a concept, not a brand. An earlier name for the concept was the Spatial Web. At some point most of us will be working there (hybrid work?). The issue isn’t whether it’s coming; the issue is who will build and control it. The wrong answers are Zuck, Meta, or any centralized authority. The right answer is a distributed ecosystem, descendants of what’s occurring now in the crypto sector. 
As negative as I am on Facebook, I am not opposed to Workplace by Facebook. Though it’s now caught in a bind because its close association (and familiarity) with its parent has previously worked to its advantage. Workplace is a corporate tool without ads. There’s no incentive to incite or fragment. However, any enterprise comms tool can be used for unsanctioned conversations.
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Real Time Recorded, Week 45 2021
Real Time Recorded, Week 45 2021
Mitel and RingCentral Partner - Nice CCaaS Results.
Real Time Recorded, Week 44 2021
Real Time Recorded, Week 44 2021
MS Ignite and Zoom ads
Tweets and ReTweets
Jonathan McKinney
@DaveMichels I still to this day don’t understand why @microsoft left money on the table by pushing all their customers to the cloud. Ignoring the ones passionate about Skype for Business with requirements #MicrosoftTeams couldn’t meet.
Sheila McGee-Smith
[email protected]NICELtd Reports Accelerated Total Revenue Growth of 20% For 3Q21 and 28% Growth in Cloud Revenue < Looks like a straight line to $1 billion cloud revenue in 2021 @NICECXone @BarakEilam #CX
Chromebooks are an attractive go-to option for powering a #WFH / #WFA #contactcenter. @DaveMichels wrote why Chromebooks are ideal for agents, too. We agree. They’re accessible, easy to use + manage, & protect data. @EdifyCMO says put them on your list:
Dave Michels
Konftel is urging the comms industry to take the greener route to success – after enabling customers to ‘conference with a clear climate conscience’.
Konftel has become the first manufacturer of its kind to achieve Climate Neutral certification. #COP26
Dave Michels
The Rainbow solution from @ALUEnterprise has come a long way in just over 5 years.
Dave Michels
The metaverse is going to be great. Cartoons are always better. I don't understand why most prime time shows aren't toons.
Introducing the Webex Desk Mini, the portable all-in-one #collaboration device that enables you to make any space an office.

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